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As an innovative leading manufacturer in air filtration industry since 1983, Shanghai LingQiao E.P.E.W. Co., Ltd specializes in the production of ePTFE HEPA filter media, advanced filter bags, and all kinds of felts & fabric roll goods.

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Company Introduction

50 People R&D team to grow new products and projects.
40 Years of Innovation
35 Years of OEM Background and Knowledge
30+ Years Production of World Class ePTFE Membrane and Lamination
25+ Years Production of PTFE fibers.
15+ Years Achievements in PM 2.5
A pioneer to Apply PTFE Scrim to Filter Media since 2002
A pioneer to Apply PTFE Felt Bags to Incineration since 2006
A pioneer to Bring “Zero Emission” Technology to filter bags since 2012

Why LH

LH has been a leading manufacturer in the air filtration industry since 1983. LH specializes in the production of ePTFE membrane, HEPA media, filter bags and variety of other high grade PTFE products allowing us to lead the way to innovative solutions that empower businesses and individuals to realize energy efficiency through superior filter media.We deliver value service by taking care of our customers to give them what they need, keeping them on budget, on schedule and delivering the highest quality products. This is our passion, and our passion means that we endlessly work on developing and producing unique and cutting edge media.

LH always strives to improve quality of life by developing the best and most efficient media in the industry. IAM has set the standard in cost-effective filter media, energy savings and by delivering best-in-class products and services to achieve PM 2.5.
As a pioneer in air inlet filtration, LH continues to solve one of the world’s most challenging problems...Clean Air.

Who We Are

We are a worldwide recognized company with over 40 year-experience manufacturing high quality ePTFE membranes and began research and development of new medias.

In 2014 LH partnered with IAM (Innovative Air Management), IAM helped to bridge the gap between Shanghai Lingqiao (LH) and reaching customer needs with quick delivery of media with warehouses in USA and Canada.
This partnership allows lower costs and innovative new filter media.
Together we offer:

● 4 ePTFE lamination lines from different varieties of filter medias.
● Higher efficiency & lower pressure drop media
● Certified test data on media being used in filter production.

European Market. Whether it’s filter bags, HEPA media or filtered solutions, LH has always been first in quality and service.

Time Line



Shanghai Lingqiao Strengths in the World Market

● Creation of 23 NEW innovative medias;

● 30+ years in the development of air filtration media;

● Innovator of multi-level membranes;

● Developer of HEPA efficiency media products;

● World Distributor of HEPA filter medias and filter bags;

● Certification of all filter media distributed;

● A record of innovation by production of world class ePTFE membranes;

● Delivering Best-In-Class products and services to achieve nearly zero emission of PM2.5;

R&D and QC

Strict QC measures are applied through online and laboratory testing. Each meter of product is quality sampled through advanced technology and certified by third-party testing. Quality is something LH takes serious. A 60-member team has been carefully selected and trained by qualified technicians that work hard to give our customers top quality products and services.

Through highly trained QC and Production teams, LH has developed the highest grade ePTFE products for applications that demand the best. The choice for the best products and service starts with LH. The rest is your success!

Quality Certificate Issued For Every Order

● JSM-6510 (JEOL) Scanning Electron Microscope to check membrane structure and uniformity;

● AFT-8130 (TSI) 0.33 micron particles Filtration Efficiency Measurement;

● AFT-3160(TSI) MPPS Filtration Efficiency Measurement;

● 3H-2000PB Membrane Pore Size Analyzer;

● YG461E Digital Air Permeability Measurement Unit;

● YG026C Digital Instron to measure tensile strengths and elongations;

● Caliper to measure thickness;

● Oven to measure shrinkage;

● MIT flex measuring device.

We never sacrifice quality for the sake of cost. Our target is bringing you the future of filtration technology!

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