ePTFE Membrane for Air Filtration, Clean Room & Dust Collection

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One of the most common applications of ePTFE membrane is in the field of filtration. The membrane’s unique structure allows it to filter out particles as small as microns, making it an ideal material for use in air and water filtration systems. The membrane’s high porosity also means that it can filter out large volumes of liquid or gas without clogging, making it a highly efficient filtration material.

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The microporous membrane has a biaxially oriented 3D fiber network structure, boasting a micron-equivalent aperture with high efficiency and low resistance. Compared to depth filtration, the surface filtration by PTFE membrane can effectively capture dust, and the dust cake can be easily pulsed off due to the smooth surface of PTFE membrane, resulting in lower pressure drop and longer service life.

ePTFE membranes can be laminated onto various filter media such as needle felts, glass woven fabrics, polyester spunbond, and spunlace. They are widely used in waste incineration, coal-fired power plants, cement plants, carbon black production facilities, boilers, biomass power plants . HEPA grade ePTFE membrane is also used in clean rooms, HVAC systems and vacuum cleaners and so on.

JINYOU PTFE Membrane Features

● Expanded micro-porous structure

● Bi-directional stretching

● Chemical Resistance from PH0-PH14

● UV Resistance

● Non-aging

JINYOU Strength

● Consistency in resistance, permeability and breathability

● High efficiency and low pressure drop in air filtration with superior VDI performance.

● 33+years production history with varieties of ePTFE membrane for different application

● 33+ years membrane lamination history with varieties of lamination technologies

● Customer-tailored

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